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Energy Efficient Comfort MAX Windows Made Right Here In Atlanta

If your home’s windows are old, drafty, and making your energy bills skyrocket, it’s time to consider replacement windows from US Windows & Exteriors. As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in offering our locally-made Comfort MAX Window System along with expert window installation services.

Our exclusive Comfort MAX vinyl windows are engineered and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Atlanta to provide superior energy efficiency, noise reduction, low maintenance, and beautiful curb appeal for your home. When you choose replacement windows from US Windows & Exteriors, you can feel good about supporting a local Georgia business while also improving your home.

happy family standing in front of home

Your team did a great job replacing our old and fogged windows on the back of our house. Our new windows are beautiful, plus they are easy to open and clean. Can’t wait to replace the rest of them!

Scott & Sandra P.

Flowery Branch, GA

The Comfort MAX Difference

Not all replacement windows are created equal. Our Comfort MAX Window System stands apart from the competition with innovative design features and quality construction:

Maximum Energy Efficiency

With double or triple pane glass, argon or krypton gas fills, low-e glass coatings, and insulated frames, Comfort MAX windows lock in heating and cooling while blocking UV rays. This results in lower energy costs year-round.

Exceptional Noise Reduction

Multiple panes of glass plus other noise-dampening components significantly reduce external sounds like traffic, neighbors, and lawn equipment so your home stays quieter.

Low Maintenance Comfort MAX windows are made from premium vinyl that won’t rot, peel, crack or warp. The frames never need painting and the tilt-in sashes make cleaning a breeze.

Customizable Styles

From sleek double hung to elegant bay and bow windows, we offer Comfort MAX windows in all the popular styles with your choice of interior/exterior colors and woodgrain laminates.

Lasting Quality

Constructed with heavy-duty uPVC vinyl, multi-chambered frames, and steel reinforcements, Comfort MAX windows are built to provide decades of reliable performance.

Superior Window Installation

Having the best replacement windows means little without expert installation by trained professionals. At US Windows & Exteriors, our installation crews follow a detailed process to ensure your new windows are installed properly for maximum performance, including:

  • Careful measurement and ordering to get a perfect fit
  • Removal of old windows while protecting surrounding areas
  • Preparing openings with new insulation and flashing
  • Securing new windows plumb, level, and square
  • Sealing exterior and interior for weathertight installation
  • Final cleaning and inspection

Our experienced installers have the specialized tools, techniques, and know-how to handle replacement window projects of any size – from a single window up to a whole home window replacement. We treat your house with the utmost care and respect throughout the entire process.

When you combine our quality Comfort MAX windows with our window installation mastery, you’ll be delighted with the stunning results: a more comfortable, energy-efficient, and attractive home.

What Our Customers are Saying:

happy couple on porch with new door frame and siding on home

We definitely got more for our money than several quotes we received. Your installers were very professional and courteous. We highly recommend your company to any homeowner needing to replace their windows.

Bob & Cyndi in Buford

happy couple standing on porch with new door frame and siding on home

Our new windows look great and added much needed comfort to our home. We have noticed we can set our thermostat much lower than before, which means we’ll save on our energy bills.

Fred & Mary in Marietta

happy smiling family with new siding on home in background

Your team did a great job replacing our old and fogged windows on the back of our house. Our new windows are beautiful, plus they are easy to open and clean. Can’t wait to replace the rest of them!

James & Barbara in Gainesville

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Types Of Windows For Your Home

Whether you need to replace windows in your kitchen, living room, bedrooms, or bathrooms, Comfort MAX has the ideal style to meet both your functional needs and design preferences, including:

Double Hung Windows

Our classic double hung windows feature two operating sashes that slide vertically. They offer excellent ventilation, are easy to clean, and pair well with any architectural style. Tilt-in sashes allow easy cleaning.

Casement/Awning Windows

Casement windows are hinged on the side while awning windows are hinged on top. Both open outward with a crank to provide full top-to-bottom ventilation. Great for over countertops or areas requiring controlled airflow.


Sliding Windows

Smooth horizontal sliders are a perfect choice for wide window openings. Their large viewing areas fill rooms with natural light while the lift-out sashes make cleaning simple from inside the home.

Bay & Bow Windows

With angled panels that project outward, bay and bow windows create a cozy interior nook while adding tremendous curb appeal. These elegant windows really make a room feel bright and spacious.

Garden Windows

Ideal for kitchens, garden windows extend outward from the home to provide a mini greenhouse or sunny shelf space for plants, herbs, and decor while letting in loads of natural light.

Custom Shapes

From half-circles and triangles to octagons and more, we offer custom geometric windows to pair with your home’s unique architecture and bring visual interest to any space.

Plus much more!

If you need a specialty window style like hopper, jalousie, or tilt-turn, we can find the perfect solution through our line of quality window products.

We are the Atlanta Window New & Replacement Experts that you can trust. We are ready to serve your home improvement needs.

Please call 770-217-1229 to schedule your No-Cost In-Home Consultation of 5 or more windows with one of our local experts.



The More You Buy, The MORE You SAVE:

5-9 Windows SAVE 25%
10-14 Windows SAVE 33%
15-19 Windows SAVE 40%
20+ Windows SAVE 50%

*Applies to double-hung units including installation; 5 window min; no other offers apply.

The Comfort MAX Difference

Why Choose US Windows & Exteriors in Johns Creek?

At US Windows & Exteriors, our mission is to provide superior replacement windows, expert installation, and outstanding customer service from a local, trusted source. Here are a few other reasons Johns Creek homeowners choose us:

Exclusive Warranty Protection

Our Comfort MAX windows come with a 20 year or lifetime warranty on all materials, glass components, and installation labor – one of the best window warranties you’ll find.

Options for Every Budget

While our Comfort MAX line offers premium efficiency and premium pricing, we also have a selection of more economical yet quality window options to meet any budget.

In-Home Estimates & Consultations

Our replacement window specialists will come to your home, examine your windows, learn about your needs, and provide you with a detailed quote so you can make an informed decision.

Professional Installation Teams

Our team takes pride in their workmanship whether installing a single window or doing a full home window replacement. Every job is done with care and attention to detail.

Serving Johns Creek and the Atlanta Metro Area

US Windows & Exteriors has helped improve the homes of thousands of Georgia homeowners. You can rely on us for quality products, expert service, and responsive support.

Get New Windows for Your Johns Creek Home

Don’t settle for old, drafty, inefficient windows that let the outdoor elements in while driving up your energy costs. Upgrade to new, high-performance replacement windows from US Windows & Exteriors and start enjoying the benefits!

Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate. We’ll help you select the ideal Comfort MAX windows for your home and budget while answering all your questions. You can feel great about choosing a quality, locally-made product installed by certified professionals.

Enjoy lower energy bills, enhanced comfort, reduced noise, easier cleaning, and added curb appeal with new replacement windows from US Windows & Exteriors. Call or request a quote online now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I replace 20-year-old windows?

It’s often a good idea to replace windows that are around 20 years old, especially if they are showing signs of wear and tear, such as drafts, condensation between the panes, or difficulty opening and closing. Newer windows are generally more energy-efficient and can improve the comfort and aesthetics of your home.

Is it cheaper to replace all windows at once?

In most cases, yes, it’s usually more cost-effective to replace all of your windows at once rather than doing them individually. Bulk discounts from suppliers and reduced labor costs can make the overall project cheaper when done in one go. Additionally, replacing all windows at once ensures consistency in style and energy efficiency throughout your home.

What time of year is best to replace windows?

The best time to replace windows is typically during the spring or fall when the weather is mild. Extreme temperatures, such as winter cold or summer heat, can make the installation process more challenging and less efficient. Plus, scheduling during off-peak seasons might give you more flexibility and availability.

Do old windows decrease home value?

Yes, old and inefficient windows can decrease the value of your home. Potential buyers often consider energy efficiency and the condition of windows when assessing a property. Investing in new windows can improve curb appeal, energy efficiency, and overall home value.

Are double-pane windows worth it?

Yes, double-pane windows are usually worth the investment. They provide better insulation than single-pane windows, reducing energy loss and helping to maintain a more consistent indoor temperature. This can lead to lower energy bills and increased comfort year-round. Additionally, double-pane windows often come with features like low-E coatings and gas fills, further enhancing their energy efficiency.

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