How to Prepare for Your Window Installation

The installation of your new U.S. Windows can dramatically improve and change your home. New window installation can bring more light into your home, air flow, as well as decrease your heating and cooling costs. Not to mention add comfort and curb appeal as well. We provide fast and efficient window installation for your home, whether you’re in Atlanta, Marietta, Lilburn, Alpharetta, Roswell, or anywhere throughout North Georgia. Prior to your installation, these few steps can ensure a smoother and more pleasant experience on installation day:

  • Please take down all window treatments. This will prevent any possible damage to your curtains, blinds and trinkets around your window areas.
  • Clear the way—the less obstacles between your windows and our installer, the better results we will all have. Please remove anything from inside or outside your house that could be damaged or be an obstacle during the installation process. This means moving the desk, bed, or dresser (and anything else) that might be within a two (2)- foot area around to any windows that is to be replaced. This will ensure NOTHING gets damaged or broken during the installation process.
  • Security systems—if not previously discussed during the sales process, please inform your installation crew upon arrival of how you would like to handle the window contacts and wiring on your existing windows. In most cases, we will pull and leave all alarm wiring exposed for your home security provider to work with for the new window contacts.

With a little help from you, we will work hard to provide all of our customers a smooth and easy-going installation experience. Please call our office with any questions you may about how to prepare for your installation, 770-217-1229 option 2.

Why You Should Install Energy Saving Windows

These days everyone is looking for better ways to save money. Investing in energy saving windows for your Atlanta, GA, home may not sound like a good way to conserve your pennies, but the results are worth the investment. Energy saving windows are a perfect addition to any Atlanta, Georgia, home because they reduce noise, help you conserve energy, and increase the beauty and value of your property.

Whether you’re trying to sell your Atlanta home, or you want to remain there for many years to come, installing energy saving windows will increase your home’s curb appeal and improve its livability. Energy efficient windows are designed to keep outdoor temperatures outside so your air conditioner and heater aren’t overworked. The energy saving windows that we manufacture:

  • Have special moisture absorbing agents that help keep humidity from growing between the glass panes.
  • Are made with a high performance glass that provides maximum thermal efficiency
  • Feature welded frames and sashes that are constructed to provide a high level of durability and tightness.
  • Have strong multi-chambered rigid frames with dead air spaces which provide maximum thermal efficiency. You can also fill these chambers with foam for more energy efficiency.
  • Have metal reinforced locks to keep the windows securely locked

Durable Cement Fiber Siding and Vinyl Siding for Your Home’s Exterior

U.S. Windows & Exteriors also specializes in installing siding, doors, covered gutters, screen porch enclosures and roofing for your home. We offer cement fiber or vinyl siding from some of the most reputable manufacturers in the business: James Hardie and System Home Improvement Products. Adding vinyl siding or cement fiber siding to your home will protect your home from high-force winds, cold weather, humid weather and even damage from termites. Our cement fiber and vinyl siding also won’t rot, corrode or crack and the paint will never chip. If you’re looking to remodel your home, cement fiber or vinyl siding is a great first step. When you begin searching for additional accents such as doors, covered gutters, or roofing, you can count on U.S. Windows & Exteriors to assist you!

Glass Options

The most important component on any window system is the glass package. There are many glass options and window performance claims on the market, but which one is best for you and your home? U.S. Windows & Exteriors strives to make your window shopping experience the most pleasant and uncomplicated that you will encounter and we pledge to provide our customers with the most clear, unaltered facts about replacement windows on the market. In the Southern climates like in Atlanta, Savannah, Birmingham, Augusta, Montgomery and Hilton Head, one of the best and most energy efficient glass options is Cardinal Glass Industries Low E³-366 triple silver coated glass. This glass option has revolutionized the replacement window industry in the last 5 years and has set the new standard in energy conservation. If you live within these areas, you will greatly benefit by significantly reducing the amount of solar heat gain entering through your windows. This will not only reduce your cooling costs, it will also increase the comfort within your home, extend the life of your HVAC units, reduce fading of fabrics and flooring materials and reduce your footprint on the environment. Call U.S. Windows & Exteriors today, 770-217-1229, to schedule your no obligation, in-home demonstration of this revolutionary glass technology and how it can benefit your home, or please fill-out the estimate request form below.

Vinyl Siding vs. Painting

Vinyl siding is a low maintenance option for beautifying your home’s exterior. Although it may seem more expensive than paint, painting your home can actually be the more costly of the two. When you paint your home, it will typically last 4-7 years at most. This means more $20+ gallons of paint, the decision to hire a painter or do the job yourself, and countless hours of labor, only to repeat the process 4-7 years from now. But with vinyl siding, you can put the paintbrush away. Not only does it cost less than paint in the long run, but you can also count on having a lifetime of virtually no maintenance.

Installing vinyl siding is better than painting your home because:

  • Your siding’s color is the same throughout its thickness. Therefore it will not fade.
  • Siding will block out moisture, preventing climate damage such as mold and other allergens from forming
  • Siding is very durable since it is not only impervious to rain, but also salt, termites and other damaging insects. It will also never rust or peel.
  • It does not catch fire as easily as plywood or wood shake.

It is estimated that 32 percent of the U.S. siding market has chosen vinyl siding over aluminum, wood, and any other material siding. Its popularity is growing thanks to its low maintenance, cost, and durability.

A Trustworthy Home Improvement Company

At U.S. Windows & Exteriors, we work hard to be the home improvement company you can count on! We people in Atlanta, Douglasville, Decatur, Alpharetta, Marietta, and throughout GA, can look to and trust for their home project needs. We are a family owned and operated home improvement company specializing in premium quality replacement vinyl windows, siding replacements throughout North Georgia. You can count on our home improvement company for the following products and services:

  • Replacement Windows—we manufacture all styles of windows including double hung windows, sliding windows, picture windows, casement windows, architectural windows and more. All of these windows are made with energy efficient glass that will reduce your electric bill and increase the comfort of your home. The glass helps keep your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter.
  • Siding—we offer vinyl siding, cement fiber siding, insulated vinyl siding, thermal siding and more, and we will install the siding of your choice. All of our siding is durable and comes in a variety of colors.
  • Roofing—we install asphalt tile roofing, but not ceramic tile or metal roofing. We use products manufactured by GAF Materials Corporation, Owens Corning, and CertainTeed.
  • Gutters—we carry seamless aluminum gutters and gutter covers to prevent your gutters from clogging and damaging your home.
  • Doors—we carry and install a variety of doors manufactured by ProVia Doors. The styles include storm doors, energy efficient entry doors, patio doors, French doors, and sliding glass doors.

Window Shoppers Guide

U.S. Windows & Exteriors, understands purchasing new windows for your home can be time consuming and at times frustrating and confusing. There are many options on the market and some in our industry don’t make it easy to understand and “digest” all the information that is out there. One of our main goals is to assist you in making good and informed decision for your family and we have drafted a window shoppers guide to assist homeowners in purchasing replacement vinyl windows. Click here to get your FREE copy!

Energy Efficient Replacement Vinyl Windows and Doors

At U.S. Windows & Exteriors, we take pride in providing our customers with beautiful, well-crafted windows and doors. Although you may take exceptional care of your home, sometimes you can’t help but have warped, rotting, or peeling windows and doors. That’s why we produce our own windows and work with only the most reputable door manufacturers in the industry. The higher the quality of windows and doors you install at your home, the longer you can go before your next replacement.

We offer a vast selection of windows for you to choose from such as: pictures, casement, architectural, double hung, sliding, and more. All of our windows are made of vinyl, which is an energy efficient material that prevents rotting, corroding, rusting and warping. Further, vinyl windows don’t need to be painted since their color is incorporated into the vinyl. Our windows are also made with energy efficient Low-E glass that keeps your home comfortable by retaining the warmth in your home during the winter and the hot temperatures outdoors during the summer.

Call U.S. Windows & Exteriors today at 770-217-1229, or fill-out the estimate request form to schedule your no cost, no obligation in-home consultation.

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